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The institute, from 1984 onwards , has been extensively organizing several MDPs meet the changing requirments of business and industry .These programmes are attended by executives from public and private sector organizations.

Some of the MDPs and SDPs organized by the institute are:

  • MDP on "Customer Service Strategy For Business Promotion and Profit"
  • MDP on "Transformational Leadership for Change Management"
  • MDP on "Communication Strategies for Managerial Excellence"
  • MDP on "Enhancing Managerial Effectiveness "
  • MDP on "Alignment & Difficult People with Organizational Objectives"
  • MDP on "Teamwork Competencies for High Performances"
  • MDP on "Brand Building for Organizational Success"
  • MDP on "Attitudinal Excellence for Managerial Effectiveness"
  • MDP on "Beyond Stress: Performance and Growth"
  • MDP on "Attitudinal Change & Behavioral Modification"
  • MDP on "Transformational Leadership for Change Management"
  • MDP on "HR Skills for Non HR Managers"
  • MDP on "Leadership Innovation"
  • SDP on "Capacity Enhancement & Work Orientation"
  • SDP on “Listening Skills for Efficiency & Performance”
  • MDP on "HR Skills for Non-HR Managers"
  • MDP on " Leadership Innovation(Creative Thinking for Change Management)"
  • SDP on " Motivation forEfficiency & Performance"
  • MDP on "Crisis Management"
  • SDP on " Power of Team: Working Together"
  • MDP on " Changing Mind-Set & Alignment with Organization"
  • MDP on "Leadership& Emotional Intelligence"
  • SDP on " Capacity Building for Higher Performance & Growth"
  • MDP on "Finance for Non- Finance Professionals"